Some forms of tennis

Those school tennis courts have been renovated recently. Same court different times: 2005 vs 2009. Don’t think my game has improved much. In all honesty, as long as all my body parts agree to work together – not go on DL, I’m a happy camper.

Bending the Knees ..
knee bend .. 2005-08-25 2009-09-07

good jumps ..

good jump .. 2005-08-25 2009-09-07

Keep eye on the ball ..

keep eye on the ball 2005-08-25 2009-09-07

stay down ..

08-25 stay on your toes .. 2009-09-07

prepare; always think the ball will return .. good thinking .. but I often get lazy .. and rely on my partner ..

getting ready .. stay down ..

big hair do 🙂

? a big hairdo

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