Jinjiang Fandian 锦江饭店 Hotel

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Dong Zhujun 董竹君 (1900-1997) was the founder of Jinjiang Hotel in Shanghai. I went to visit my ancestors’ grave at Wanan Cemetery in 2003. As I was leaving, I passed by Dong’s. She was commonly addressed as Mr. Dong. So was Nainai: Mr. Qian. Those two pictures were taken on Aug 6, 2003.


On April 2 1951, thanks to hard work of Ms. Dong zhujun, Mr. Ren Baizun and their colleagues, Cathay Apartment which is located at No. 189 Chang Le Road and now known as Cathay Building was renamed as Jin Jiang hotel. Thanks to the actively preparation of approximately 200 people from several units including Jin Jiang Si Chuan Cuisine Restaurant, Jin Jiang Tea House and Shanghai Restaurant, Jin Jiang hotel was grandly open on June 9 1951. Before opening, the hotel made daily advertisement on major newspapers, trying to get a big name immediately in Shanghai. Up till now, we can still find the first advertisement on Jian Fang Daily (June 6 1951) and another one on News Daily at the opening day in hotel achieves.

This one is taken on July 28, 2011. Her tomb is on the way to my Yeye‘s.

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