The World of Suzie Wong

Ha, the night clubs and bars. The buffet on the 4th floor is rather quite and enjoyable. Karaoke on 3rd floor is spacious. A Chinese supermarket on the street level.

Auntie Ling didn’t own shampoo at home. She’d go to hair salon to shampoo and set in the late AM, then we went to merry go around, lunch, shopping, afternoon tea and dinner. And the night time .. was out with Uncle Peizhou.

Initially, we just did dinner. There was always buddies; always banquets.

Having grew up with Yeye and Nainai, I had this notion that handsome rich men frequent the night spots, mingling with pretty young women. It’s romanticized version. It did happen but not often – beauty is in the eye of the beholders anyway.

Peizhou was every girl’s dream, not just Suzie Wong: he’s generous, gentlemanly, a gorgeous bad boy. He had married a pretty Suzie Wong with good girl background.
“She was draped in gold on our wedding like a Christmas tree.” Euuuuuuuh. But it’s true. Gold was main stay in Chinese weddings in Hong Kong then: from the big bold gold letters announcing who’s having it to the hard gold bracelets the bride displayed on her wrist – I eventually came to adore it to some degree. My mother-in-law bought me a set, and I wore them twice: once at my wedding and once at a weird party in downtown.
But the pretty woman’s mother was too greedy, wanted an apartment in the middle level that he couldn’t afford with a sailor’s salary. After couple of years, she heed her mother’s advice and divorced him.
Wonderful news for the real Suzie Wongs.

We rode Star Ferry which I came to adore. However I never developed the taste for street-side eatery, late night snaking, majiang (I learned it in New York with my mother-in-law; much prefer the card games, baifen and bridge)

When Auntie Ling found out, she had huge row with Peizhou. Our little fun came to a stop. Not completely but slowed down.

Time to think about School. School!? What about it ?? 🙂

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