Quasimodo de la China

Didn’t eat for 24 hours! Took my antibiotic and reluctantly a pain killer before bed, waking up feeling great, except the swallow face which made me the Quasio’s twin. Dr. Moss called to see how I’m coping, hmmm let’s see: pretty good. I haven’t taken another pain killer yet, and been eating since lunch: gulped down a quart of milk, big bowl of noodle, a Cosi cook with white chocolate and academia nuts the size of my face … still hunting for more food. The surgery had gone well so far, but tennis and swimming is out of question. I finished all my weekend newspaper thou.

Another oral surgeon Dr. Ruth is also very nice, he pulled one of my wisdom teeth many years ago, although it could have been done by a dentist. But I liked his office, Central Park South, over looking the park. At time, I didn’t know he specialize in implant, sugar! Had I remembered him when I tried the implant the first time, I probably wouldn’t have met Dr. Moss, so sure that Dr. Ruth would have taken care of it the first time.

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