How do you rate a doctor? When you are in for prevention, needing rubber stamp – annual check up, or cleaning by a hygienist at dentist’s office, it’s hard to know how good the doctor really is. Let me try to rate few dentists .. my long – more than a decade long suffering.
The torment began with a dentist I don’t remember who convinced me to pull out the #10 tooth in 1995 or so. In all honesty, I don’t remember if it was necessary, and wished that I could have the opinion from any of the fine doctors I met subsequently.

Dr. Moss is my latest, an oral surgeon/periodontist – implant. I’d rate him high, for he’s personable, witty and caring. We have good rapport, and I don’t need pain killer after the surgery. Am I normal? He cut me up, sew it back, and I only took 2, one was given right after the surgery and one at that night which I wasn’t going to take, but didn’t want to wake up in the night due to pain. Shouldn’t I feel pain because my face is still swollen, like a beagle as Golfer puts it. Hey, the wrinkles are gone, lol
I went out today, few who have noticed the wrinkle-free new face asked about it.
I insisted it’s spousal abuse with a straight face,
“I burned his lunch ..”
You know what, one had believed it, at least for a moment.
Gee, either I’m a good joker or people have no humor. The surgery Dr. Moss just did was bone graft, I’ll have to wait for 6 months or so to see if the implant can be put in. Pray for me.

Dr. Gary Ruth, an oral surgeon, is great too. He used anesthesia to remove my wisdom tooth – that’s more than 10 years ago. I just remembered waking up the following day, ate like a pig, then thought to myself, oh god, didn’t I just had surgery yesterday? Obviously there wasn’t any pain or discomfort. He has the nicest office, high ceiling and facing Central Park. On the top floor there was an India restaurant, so so food with same spectacular view. It has since closed. Dr Ruth is quiet with few words to spare. I don’t know if patients appreciate witty dentist when you can’t joke back. I didn’t like his office manager, so when it’s time to do implant the first time (which failed), I went elsewhere … see what foolish mistake did I make? He’s a female manager now and still looking out to the Central Park.

Dr. Karl Caravana, an oral surgeon who doesn’t do implant – is great, my most favored, for his punctuality, witty with very gentle touch. Oh, also his lukewarm sink water where most dental offices use the straight cold water. Most time, it’s hurt when you rinse after the bloodied mouth. I found him though my dentist Dr. Marc Wilk. Dr. Moss interned with him, said Caravana had purchased a huge building recently that leases out dental offices near the bus terminal on 8th Avenue.

Dr. Wilk, a general dentist has an office in Tudor City, I found him throu my colleague. He does a fine job, did a bridge for me that lasted 10 years, after my first implant failed. He’s pretty aggressively in promoting his biz. He first referred me to Dr. L for periodontal work. I didn’t like Dr. L, he then recommend Caravana.

Dr. Jeff L, is short, hyper and works like plumber – hard, fast, oh lord, it hurts. At the New Year Eve’s few months ago, I chatted with our dentist neighbors, and without a name, they knew who he’s, lol .. .. and the current status is, he’s still short, hyper, divorced and is dating a dentist.

Dr. Schupak is a girl orthodontist on Park Av in midtown. After Pumpkin, my weak gum started giving away, and a gap has developed. It’s so funny that I thought was due to the pulling of my wisdom tooth. So I visited dear Dr. Ruth and complained, :)) .. Don’t the doctors wish we plebes all acquire a little basic medical knowledge? Anyway, Dr. Caravana referred me to her. It turned out, he’s madly in love with her, 🙂 .. after sending me to her, his first question was,
“Isn’t she great?”
“You’re in love with her?” His face turned red.
I liked her a lot too, and told him so. He was pleased and started bubbling about their days at Columbia gaily.
I related this remark to her.
“Oh I love him too.” She said, and casually commented “oh, he’s sweat heart ..” (They both married, not to each other, lol) Poor Dr. Punctual.

to continued ..

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