Smily and Smelly

I took kids to see an ophthalmologist after school. Starting from filling the paper work (we’re new to her; I had the kids filling them out self) to the end, King being a ham nonstop, Pumpkin played his sidekick. Boy, it’s like a traveling comic show, from reception area to the treatment room, and back, and forth. The doc has a cardboard figure – looked like a kid herself – is very friendly. Within a minute, she joined the show. The only thing prevent me to visit her again is she smells .. under arm deodorant is strongly recommended. It’s odd if not rude. Oh, she also writes in dark (as she was exam the kid, the lights were off), would a small desk lamp help?

King had summoned two buddies over for sleepover; don’t know if the third is on his way. They’re all taller than I am, with a changing voice. Don’t they grow fast!

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