Tina Z gave me a free trial certificate from her yoga place.  I had options of going for a week or getting an hour of private session.  I opted for the 1 hr.  The yoga place is a chain – this location is very small, perhaps only about 1,000 sq ft, a reception area where all the shoes were left on a mate, a small private room to the left and the main-studio.  It runs by a Korean couple with heavy accent – don’t know if they’re husband/wife, but they’re a good looking pair.  When I showed up for work today, the male instructor took me.  All he did was evaluating me: flexibility (very), balance (so so: can’t stand on one leg for more than 10 seconds), stress (yes, I think too much.  I’m capable of thinking?  Lord that’s a news to me…) … then he pressed hard from head to toe, telling me which muscle is linked to liver, kidneys … roll on my stomach for good 5 minutes while my eyes were closed.  All bout 40 minutes.  Then sat next to me on the mate selling their packages:  annual membership is about $1,300, with each additional class, adds a little … to $5,000 for a life time membership ($4,500 if you pay in one installment).  Would I have gone if I knew it’s only 40 min of evaluation?  Probably not.  I’ve done yoga before at the gym, am pretty neutral on it.  This time I thought I may pick it up for it might add little activity during long waiting period while trading.  I didn’t join, for I don’t appreciate hard sell, not at all.  Secondly, how could you meditate when you constantly have to struggle to understand what the instructor is saying?  Third, for the same price, I could have joint the full fledged gym, with a lap pool. … Tina dear, what were you thinking?

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