Raising kids are simple, but it’s not an easy job.  Here is a story I just heard: a Chinese family with three children on the west coast, the oldest is a girl who has gone to college.  She falls in love with a boy not meeting her parents’ approval.  During a visit home, mother got emotional and then physical.  Yes, physical, she beat her, then the father joint the brawl too after he saw the daughter fought back.  So the daughter said sayonara, moved in with the boy and hasn’t visited nor called since.  The parents are desperate, they don’t know where she is after the graduation, begging anyone who’s willing to talk to her, to reestablish contact.

I might have said a thing or two later I would regret once I’m in the same boat.  But beating a child (or anyone) is a firm no no.  If a situation escaladed into where a beating ‘seems’ fit, then I think the parents failed, or bear the most blame: how and why did you allow it?  My parents and grandparents never laid a figure on me.  Ok, feel free to pointing out that because of lack of physical punishment, I grew up a failure that I am today.  Seriously, why would you want to hit your own child??

People do dumb thing out of impulse, but self-cultivation would balance some of those emotional outbreaks.  Shouldn’t the parents think before they strike?  Shouldn’t the dad be more cool headed, calming the fighting women down?  Begging around?  Why did you punch her out of your doorstep to begin with?

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