Lin Yutang 林語堂

IMG_4786Timing is everything. I borrowed two of his books from a friend, a month ago:

Moment in Peking 京华烟云 (1939; The John Day Book Company)
The Red Peony (1961; World Publishing Company)

For some reason, I couldn’t get into it till today. I almost finished it in one sitting. I don’t know how many version of Chinese translations are out there, and if this one by Zhang Zhenyu is the best – I hope there are better translations.

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  1. John Barrett says:

    Hey kiddo,

    Lin Yutang was one of my first, if not very first introductions to Chinese culture. A number of his works are available from the Internet Archive ( and the Open Library (

    I blew through NYC this past weekend, stopped off for a concert at BAM and had I not been with my nephew and his girlfriend, would have said let’s get together for some food.

    I’ll notify you next time I come in for a stay (probably March) of any length.

    In the meantime, don’t behave!

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