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We celebrated my father-in-law’s 77th birthday this past Sunday. Lots of talks were focused on Golfer’s younger sister’s impending nuptial this November.

Nowadays the Chinatown restaurants offer package deal that includes the tuxedo and Chinese qipao rental. The bride and groom just go to the rental shops to fit for their monkey suit and qipao. Not sure it’s necessary but an option many might find useful.
When it’s cake time, I took out the camera. The fiancé offered to take the group picture.
Click, click, click.
“You go, J, I’ll take few with you with the family.” I said.
“No, it’s ok.” He gave me back the camera.
“Why not, you’re part of the family now.”
“Not yet.” My mother-in-law retorted immediately and loudly.
Why on earth would you do that? Don’t you want your child getting married at all?
Later after bride/groom left, we were helping grandpa with his shoes; my mother-in-law told my children that “You all should marry a Chinese.”
“You” she pointed to my daughter, “marry a Chinese boy.”
“And you” pointing to King, “marry a Chinese girl.”
My blood wasn’t boiling any more. I took a deep breath. Let few moments to pass.
“You can marry any one your little heart desires.” I told MY kids, loudly enough for the whole block to hear.
Oh well, Chairmen Mao liked to say philosophically 一分为二, yifen wei’er: one divides into two. Thank lord she drove that into Golfer 🙂

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