Emperor’s chair

cimg0016.JPGThe front page pic .. whoever decorated this meeting hall, should be shot.  Feels like a theme park or kiddies playroom than a dignified place for people of weight.  The photographer or the editor left so much carpet in the foreground, made it worst.  The background just doesn’t fly .. And the sofas.  They are huge, comfortable .. great for a leisurely afternoon reading when you can tuck in your legs.  Paulson is not a small man, but he looked lost there ..  watching a football game with a beer in hand?  Wen had enough practices, so he sat on one side.

When US presidents are receiving, they seemed to be sitting on upright chairs (if I remembered right), that make their posture more manageable, having control.  Not overwhelm by the furniture.  Visiting the Forbidden City or other palaces in Beijing, I always wondered how comfortable those huge hardwood chairs were …high, deep, hard.  Zitan is the most coveted wood, rare and very hard, so is gold; but the least comfortable material for the butt ..  ..

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