My creditors

I’m being chased by a pack of creditors: had used AT & T as my local and or long distant carrier a long time ago.  The other day I got a collection notice, saying I owed $200 or so.  The letterhead said it’s from Pen, but listed Pal as the creditor.  Sheshi, who is my creditor in this case, not that I’ll pay it up any time soon?  Obviously there’s a reason that I didn’t pay.  I called one of the creditors, asking what’s this all about .. I couldn’t remember after so many years!  The guy trying hard to intimidate me, among things he repeatedly said that my credit would be ruined.  Well, I disagree.  It’s already on my credit report, what’s more could I lose?  Frankly, I was nice enough to call, trying to solve this little dispute.  Not that I cared what goes on my credit report.  That tiny blemish is nothing.  A while ago, few analysts commented how unattractive ATT stocks had become.  I don’t even know ATT’s still being traded, 🙂 .. ok, joke aside (well, Cingular had just been absorbed by it not long ago;  T is trading at $41.71+ at this moment while C at $31.47), I couldn’t find a department to square out this little thing.  Being transferred 6 times, I gave up.  So be it.  Come get me if you can, I dare you.

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