Career politicians are so lame

Michael Bloomberg wrote wisely on globalisation, why America needs it and how could it benefit us.  Increasingly, I found the career politicians become irrelevant, out cast when the successful CEOs are in.  To stay fresh, the career politicians who grew up with the sense of entitlements have to find something to sell themselves, aside from pleasing the voters.  Al Gore found his calling, doing environmental stuff.  Not sure he’ll be so enthusiastic had he won the presidency.  CEOs aren’t bad choice, look at Bloomberg, Paulson.. ..  They are smart, driven and problem solving .. .. they had proved themselves by creating or running a huge corps that is the back bone of the US.  And they’re not likely to be corrupt since they had their money (perhaps T-Bills) in the bank.

Education is very central.  America lags behind on math, science, engineering .. John announced that his daughter got accepted into Columbia.  She got 800 on math and very high on physics too. “MIT is too tough for her” John commented. “Not many girls would major in science or engineering ..”  He’s probably very right.  Mike’s girl is attending NYU, living in downtown.

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