$75m showroom

That’s nice, palm tree, cozy cafe, crackling fire .. the west coasters are just different from us.  I was at my dealer yesterday, got a Compass as loaner.  Not as cool as the truck I had this summer.  To start the car, it needs a little longer time.  Guess no NY second to make that left turn, :).  The Jeep dealer has a blue collar feel, but very nice and somewhat professional.  The other dealer is more of white glove service, they have nice decor, provide gourmet coffee with Walkers shortbread cookies, happens to be my favor.  But they make you wait for a month for a service.  Wait a second, I don’t have to wait for a heart surgeon for that long, do I?  What are they thinking?  All the spotless, high ceiling showroom is secondary ..

I never liked Jap car, for the obvious reason.  Also felt they’re only the copy cat.  They even built some tower aim rubbish in Tokyo just to beat out the Eiffel Tower in height.  First time we went to shopping for a car, we went to Toyota, because the Cressida station wagon we had was excellent, great engine.  That’s the Lexus’ predecessor.  As soon as we walked into the dealer, a Chinese guy jumped at us.  He kept talking Chinese to me, which was annoying: I knew nothing about car and was there for the ride.  So I told him to talk to Golfer.  But his English was very poor, so I asked him for a catalog.  “Oh, no, you have to buy a car fr me to give you the catalogue.”  So we bought another brand.

Another time we went to shopping with Pathfinder, Jeep and Explorer in mind.  The kid at Toyota who showed us around was brand new, and said so.  It’s ok.  After the test drive, I went to the car first.  Then I waited.  Waited.  Waited for a godly 20 minutes.  Golfer came out in disbelieve: the manager with two other salesmen surrounded him, won’t let him go unless he buys.  I had to laugh.  What were they thinking?  We bought a Jeep next door to it.

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