I have no clue

I stands for I-have-no-clue, seriously. Am I the embarrassment to Asians? Or the only Chinese who doesn’t know to pen a code? By chance I discovered a whimsical theme (isn’t lovely??) by one of WP’s developers. I thought it’s just an one-click installation process required – like the one I currently using for this site. So I decided to get it. Then I realized it wasn’t in the theme directory. The author told me to get from his site. Ya, that’s easy. But I got lost right after downloading it. (Actually I was lost even before that, judging from the answer he provided.) Two people jumped in to help. One told me to look inside of the WP blog installation – FTP, host .. .. Ok, I googled it, it’s file transfer protocol, whatever that mean. Wondering what has it to do with me.   And what’s host? AOL? WP or Dream Host? -It’s a bit nerve rocking that I have to humiliate myself to ask such dumb questions in public!

The second one explained it. Telling me to access my FTP on the DH. So I looked, found Anonymous FTP under Domain – that’s the only FTP listed on DH panel (turned out it’s entirely different from what I need). It’s late at night, my brain stopped working, so I bugged the DH again. A tech there gave me a warning that I shall never ask them again (I didn’t ask them to do it for me, but guess my questions looked too dumb that better just do it to get ride of me, than explain it to me) … gave me a link to read on .. but was super nice to me that he just installed it. I am very grateful!!!! As I long held that people are nice and meeting nice people online is easy. DH has been great to me since day one, 200% satisfied, timely, quick and always go out of their way to help I. .. 🙂 Don’t know if in the future they’ll impose some sort IQ or ability test before agree to host? Well if they do, maybe I always claim being grandfathered? I are smart.

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