Nicolas Sarkozy

The French pres is very visible.  The divorce didn’t put a dent on his popularity .. it’s only the Americans that are prudish.  Aside from his sneaky look, (doesn’t he look shy or too short for his 6 footer counterparts that he has to look up all the time?) he got to lecture the congress, had say about Wall Street, labeled as pro-American, best dresser (hu?  just because he’s Frenchie?) ..  wow .. Where is Gordon Brown?  Come kiss the ring, be blessed, 🙂  you’ll need that.  Haven’t we seen better days with Tony (although he’s a slim frame, but he looks like a man of weight .. not sissy at all, sunny and bright, almost robust like a Yankee the poodle and Junichiro Koizumi the Elvis (is his next gig in a comedy club?) hanging out with the boyish W?  I got it Dad …

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