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foodhting1.jpgI have a small family (well, it’s larger than my own since I don’t have any sibling) to feed.  With the able ability I usually possess, I’d think it’s piece of cake.  … Nay, I was wrong.  Golfer likes his steak with pepper and salt so does King but Pumpkin likes hers marinated – let’s not go into the medium rare or rare .. ..  Golfer likes fillet of any kind, I like boney fish or food that require a lot of work but very little to chew on.  Part of my contingent likes hot pot very much, one would rather go on hunger strike and another enjoys drinking the soup afterward.  Let’s not even get into the ingredients/condiments thafoodhting.jpgt associated with the hot pot.  Tofu, simply enough?  But there are silky, soft, firm or fried, and let’s not get into how to cook it, and fish tufo, mushroom tufo, etc.  Most of them like belly pepper and carrots, but some like them raw and some like it cooked and let’s not get into how should it be cooked.  Eggplant, sautee or parmigiana.  Blue cheese or goat or brie, Chardonnay or Pinot .. .. If I remember one detail wrong, one would feel hurt that I don’t remember his or her preference after so many years living together.  SO, I tabulated a spreadsheet the other day, separated by section as meat, veggie, fruit, wine, bread .. ..  It’s very grand, with the perennials that I know to buy or like to buy, or remember to buy, down to detail as how it should be cooked, what degree, and how to marinate.  King took one look at it, predicted that “you’ll use it few times and would forget all about it.”

The perennials change frequently.  It used to be snail, now are clams.. .. And I have hard time to tell the difference between zucchini and cucumber :)) jk .. (once a friend joked back to me by saying “they must immuned to your cooking” when I advertised the fact that none of them had ever used emergency service due to food poisoning ..).  One loves shrimps and one appalls by the sight of it; kimchi, coriander.. the list just goes on.  Too bad they don’t understand I have limited brain cells and intelligence – that includes this .. a fact that every mom is facing, :).

Would it be nice if we went back to the time when there was only da baicai – Napa cabbage and pork abailable: we used to have to (had to, otherwise we won’t have veggie to eat) store 30 kg of cabbage (only) in Beijing during the 60s and 70s to survive the winter time.  And I think I’m relatively health and normally developed. .. who’s to say I was less happy with only one kind of veggie?  May I label myself a food connoisseur now that I have more than two veggies to choose from, knew more than two types of meat – we had (mostly) pork when the beef and goat/lamb were for the Muslims 回民 (Hui People)?

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