Unhappy about happy

Americans are smart lot: in their The Declaration of Independence, the right to Life and Liberty are guaranteed, but not the Happiness itself, it’s the pursuit of the Happiness.  When the girls got mad that they couldn’t beat Seles, so they complained about her grunting, claiming that they couldn’t hear the ball.. (Mary the commentator asked “is because you couldn’t see? .. that’s a riot!!) .. .. So the media at Wimbledon rolled out gruntometer to measure the volume of her noise, which registered 93.2 decibels – Sharapova shattered her own personal record with a grunt of 101.2db in 2005, almost as loud as a police siren heard at close-quarters.  Was she happier with the grunt?  I don’t know.  But science can measure precisely the level of the decibels, universally.  But happiness is unmeasurable.  And my contentment varies drastically from yours.  A dishwasher can make a villager very happy, even she doesn’t have electricity to power it and using it to air dry the dishes.  Once someone asked me how much money do I consider a lot.  I replied: $100 .. for a dinner in McDonald (excluding a bottle of Pinot Noir and  Paul Giamatti.  Was it Burger King or Royal Rogers?).  Try that at Masa see how far can you go.

I used to think economics is some deep huge theory that mere Irene could never understand.  I still don’t understand.  I still think the world of Gary Becker .. but after the Freakonomics (a great book .. love the abortion claim, etc.) I thought to myself, economics is really all about humans’ struggle to achieve happiness where constraints and options are constant.

Sorry I went astray .. I’m bemused at two assistant professors at Wharton @ UP wrote The paradox of declining female happiness .. .. got too much time on hand?  got funding for it? trying to be the first in that field? .. .. I have no idea but found someone trying to gauge happiness academically to be, well, silly and absurd. 

Ok, I wasn’t here 35 years ago, that’s to say each era has it’s own ins and outs.  Like my kids, Pokemon cards were all the range back then.  Who’s still playing with it a mere decade later?  It’s all about Magic now .. 35 years ago how many female CEOs were out there?  Are women happier now?

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