It’s all about money


I got a ticket for failing stop at the stop sign.  I thought the chubby cop needed to fill her quota. She came over told me I just ran a stop sign.
I didn’t.
She also said it’s dark, I should turn on my light.
It wasn’t – I could see well.
Perhaps her eyes needed fix, too dark for her to see I stopped?

Since it’s a 3 points ticket plus fine, so I went to the court to fight it. 
It’s my first time since the new village hall’s been built.  The story behind it was that was about to be built a long time ago but didn’t happen.  Then a generation later, the son of the original architect fulfilled the dream. 

It’s spotless and elegant.  After we signed in, the prosecutor called each of us up, primarily offering a plead bargain.  Mine would reduce to a parking ticket since I have a clean record. 
“How much is a parking?”
She replied, “oh, I don’t know.  That’s up to the judge.”  and sent me back waiting. Few years back I paid $50 or so on a similar case.

As we were patiently waiting for the honorable judge, a woman got into rather stupid argument with the sharp prosecutor over her 6 points ticket: she was driving without license (left at home) and speeding at 42 on a school 20-mile zone.  She dressed nicely but spoke like “I have no clue”.  Apparently the denty blond prosecutor didn’t have the balls to tell her why don’t you just shut up, instead she said ‘to deal with the judge’.  I didn’t know the out come since I left before hers was called. The slow-mo ailing Act Village Jutice took his sweet time to decide each case, awarded me a $85 without $55 surcharge.  Not sure if I got a sweet deal – last year I parked at a garage on 50th @ Lexington, the charge was $68 for few hours (not sure about that either, :)- so the $85 wasn’t all that bad – but felt the judge was a mover/shaker making deals then dishing out justice.

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