A dispute .. 公说公有理,婆说婆有理

It’s a thumb down for Dr. Robert J. Auerbach of Pediatric Ophthalmology of Greater New York, with a PO box number in Boston, perhaps an agency that managing their billing or other part of administrative stuff?  After recanting the offer, they now will take me to court.  Hiring a lawyer is more than the petty amount they claimed that I owned.  For the medical office, it’s easy for them just turn the matter to a collection agency – the collector would take a cut.  But is there an easy way for consumer to fight?  Having a lawyer to write the brief, which certainly would be more expensive for the amount, I still can’t recuperate the time I lost in dealing with this no sense.

It’s so predictable that each of us only see the thing we want to see:  I hold on firmly that I only pay for the service I requested and have the sheets to prove.  Dr. A believed that since I signed the form to say that I’ll pay, so they hold me responsible.  They even sent me the forms I signed.

Yes, I signed the form but didn’t agree to pay the padded bill!

公说公有理,婆说婆有理. This matter would just go on.

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