My prince

The last piece of remnant of my lost love or last love ..

My last Prince.  Either got stolen or I lost it somewhere.  It was a while ago.  At time, few friends had been suggesting or hinting to get a new racket to improve my game.  I thought nothing of it since I was in love with the ThunderBolt, till one day I walked onto the court and opened my bag, found my little red engine was gone.  When, where  and how .. I didn’t know.  But it was gone, for good.  Disgust, disilluted, I mindlessly started using my kids, Head.  And falling in love with it.  See, I’m easy to deal with.  And my game improved.  塞翁失马,焉知非福  End of story.

Lately, with the new serve, I double fault fewer times.  Actually I didn’t double fault at all for the past few times I was out there.  Happy?  Yeees.  How happy?  hmmm … the gradation is hard to gauge.

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