A Weighty Matter

Daniel Krieger is a 40-year old American teaching English in Osaka. When couple of Japanese female friends inquired about him gaining weight, he denied it.

Are you sure?” she said in Japanese, with a smile. “You look fatter.”

“What do you mean, ‘fatter’? I’m the same.”

“But your face, it looks fatter. I’m sure. Your arms, too.”

Ouch.. Teacher Krieger found this offensive, as an apparent insult.

The prolific Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens must be kicking himself now ..

WHY? Just because America has becoming obese so every one is obsessed with thin? Why have they been eating all those junk foods? Don’t blame the manufactures. My children grew up here too.

China is changing too, from wanting to gain weight due to malnutrition to work out in the gyms. Or the gym rats in China are all expats?

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