Spanish king tells Chávez to shut up

King Juan Carlos of Spain lost his royal cool at the weekend when he snapped at Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s outspoken president, telling him to “shut up”.  How long do we have to put up this this sort of clowns?  Hugo Chávez’s only news worth perhaps he’s stance against US.  Really, he did that to generate votes, gain popularity but secretly the biggest American fan like Mao?

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Spain’s prime minister, hit back [at Chávez], saying: “Ex-president Aznar was elected by the Spanish people and I demand respect. You can disagree radically with the ideas of others, denounce their ideas and their behaviour without being disrespectful.”  Here is some standard everyone ought to follow, leave your thug manner at home.  The dixie chicks n the bridge chicks should take note of this.

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