We did not vote for Bush

This time around is from the bridge chicks, the winners of this year’s Venice Cup — displayed a small sign at an awards dinner in Shanghai last month.  What were they thinking?  Trashing your pres all you want, but does it look good on your when you’re in a foreign country?  You didn’t vote?  Sorry, but the majority of your countrymen did.  Keep in mind, when you need assistance in another land, ultimately it’s your pres and his ambassadors that could help you ..  So think twice before speak.  A remark made last month, surfaced now, warrants an article yesterday and an editoral today in the Times, hmmmmm… 

As for bridge, haven’t play it for a long time, another thing for the retirement?  Finding time is hard, but a steady partner is even harder.  Plus, not enough brain cell to do it.  I know few people told me they’ve moved on to play with two more deck of card for baifen.  I demurred silently: for one, my hands aren’t big enough to hold more than one deck of card (played few times in Beijing, and my hands felt very tired before my brain did ..lol ); secondly, I haven’t even master with 100 points .. so spare me you younger pistols .. you go .. I’ll stick with my one deck and 100 points, :))

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