Plumber for hire

Fixing da toilet leak is not hard at all.  The learning curve is long thou.  First time the guy at Home Depot told me to buy the cover on the right side.  I replaced it.  But the leak still exist.  So I went there the second time, showed them pic, explained what I had replaced.  The guy said,
“oh, you need a valve cap.”  So I took home a valve cap.  Embarrassingly to say, I don’t know where to shut the water down.  Can’t get Mr. Wong, so I just replaced it while the water’s running.  So cool, the water splashed all over, taking a cold water shower in November!  Guess unlicensed plumber isn’t good, :).  
The new cap begun whistling.  Not it congratulates me a job well done, probably laughing at me for having no clues, :)) .. calling Mr. Wong for thing in my own house.  I followed his instruction on the phone and looked around house trying to shut down the water, but I just didn’t know where.  We even looked in the garage to no avid.  Later the great Mr. Wong came.. 
HA, the shutter is right beneath the toilet. .. ..  Shut the water, re-install the valve cap, but the whistling was still going strong.  So I went to shopping for the third time.  Lug home the entire tower.  Installed.  Draining the water was the best part.  The whistle stopped.  Works fine, so far.  .. ..  Now I’m very experienced, beefing up my resume .. .. ready for hire 🙂  I for one, never wanted a house.  Apt is more than good enough for me.  Problem?  Call someone who’ll show up promto to fix it.  How nice.  Doing something ad hoc is one and can be fun if in the right mood but responsible for a house is entirely another.  Not that I’m irresponsible.  But … wouldn’t be nice if I could still pack up a carry on, jump on a flight to Europe just for heck of it, within few hours of decision???  Now I’m moored down by a house in a neck of wood, everything needs to be planned for the next 6 months or longer.  Boo hoo .. can I renegotiate?  🙂

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