A lame duck pres, House vetos his veto .. an endless war raging on .. Chinese submarin sneaks on him .. wait.. what‘s more ??  Has he opened the flood gate for black or woman president?  Is US ready, given the fact they’re soooo conservative in that matter since Europe has Margaret and Angela .. I used to say should Hillary won, I can always escape to Beijing.  That’s long time ago, before I realize how much an apartment cost there, :))  don’t think I could come up with adequate money even I sell King and Pumpkin.  Let’s see, if I can’t afford a studio at 740 Park, the likelihood of an apartment in Beijing is equally slim. .. In all honesty, she looks more sensible than Ed (he needs to learn to speak without his tongue making swirls ..) and Ob (can’t stand Obama’s dark smoker’s lips) .. ..

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