Top 10

The top 10 universities in the world, based on the opinion of academics internationally, an assessment of quality from national and multinational employers, and ratio of students to academics:

1.  Harvard
2.  Oxford
2.  Cambridge
2.  Yale
5.  Imperial College, London
6.  Princeton
7.  Uni of Chicago
7.  CalTech
9.  UCL – University College, London
10 MIT

6 are in US and 4 in UK; Tokyo Uni is 17th, Heidelberg is 60th, Uni of HK 18th, Baida (Beijing Uni) is 36th, Qinghua 40th … guess no one beats H, 🙂 in whatever the list.  Oxbridge is a little surprise in second place, in terms of funding I meant – compares to the US.. ..

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