A shopping day


Went to shopping on Tue at the mall, it’s like a zoo, mother/daughter teams were abundant.  I even ran into a neighbor there with her daughter, Pumpkin’s good friend.  Did Abercrombie & Fitch make the headline due to their racy ad couple of years ago?  She went there because her little groupies all went there.  The line to the cashier was huge.  Naturally, I waited on line while she and her cronies shopped.  That’s what mothers for.  When I saw the little pink bag in her pile, I wondered what did she buy at Victoria’s Secret.  Not at La Perla? Oh, I like their lotion, she replied.   … …. My thighs (especially the left one) hurt so much from the hiking on Sunday that I was basically limping around in the mall.  Wondering why no one offered me a wheel chair.  But managed to play badminton that night, Fan’s last day, had to go.  He’s leaving on Thur .. getting married .. be back after Chinese New Year – Feb 2008 .. pls bring back a pretty and badmintonable bride!  Simon is baaaaack.  He and I lost to Fan and Michael.

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