Tianjin comes to New York

Nainai’s 冰糖肘子 bingtang zhouzi, pork leg/elbow, upper part of a leg of pork simmered with crystal sugar was famous in Beijing. The dish has been presented in New York for a while. Good thing. From time to time, I crave it but have not found one that’s akin to Nainai’s.

Tianjin came calling, at Mulan in Flushing’s Queens Crossing. They served dinner right after the presentation. One bottle of 750mm red wine for each table, a freebie by the restaurant. Few on our table were not too happy.
“No wine? How can we get to know each other?”

The banquet hall at Mulan was ok, the ceiling could have been higher.

TJ event at Mulan yummy

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