Cracking fire


A dacha owned by Mr. Putin was destroyed by fire in 1996; he later suggested that ill-prepared firefighters had factored in the loss.“The firemen arrived, but they ran out of water right away,” he said in a compilation of interviews published in book form in 2000. “‘What do you mean, you’re out of water? There’s a whole lake right here!’ I said. ‘There’s a lake,’ they agreed, ‘but no hose.’”


The the chief fire inspector in Moscow said that petty crime and negligence had amplified the dangers. Even when new buildings have safety equipment installed, but within a year the equipment is often stolen or rendered useless. Pretty much the same in China.  Xiaoyi lives in an apartment that’s built less than 10 years ago.  The exterior is still somewhat fresh, but interiors has already began to deteriorated.  Her neighbor put out things like furniture and junks in the hallway, I said, “you should tell them to remove it .. ”  She replied, “no big deal .. ” also didn’t want to cause any hard feelings with someone who lives next door.  They just haven’t developed the same standard yet.  It takes time.

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