The pediatrician

I think I found a nice pediatrician for Pumpkin too, in town.  The spacious office with endless rooms houses only two pediatricians whom we both met today. When the nurse promptly took her in for exam, I was ordered to follow. Few seconds later, I heard the nurse asked her, ‘where’s your mom?’ With a huge sigh, she replied, ‘she’s taking pictures.’  The new dr is more relaxed and humorous.  She asked lot questions, included ‘how’s your school work .. getting As n Bs?’  I suggested that she should get all As, not because I’m Chinese mom, .. cause we’re Asian, no?  Ok, this is a bad joke.  When she asked if Pumpkin is allergy to anything, I rant, “oh ya ..” then she started to write down ..  what I meant to say was vegies, fruit and her mom ..  Well, got to watch whom you’re kidding with, :)).

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