Tatang’s Memorial Cup 2009

Metro Tennis Club of New York, Inc. brother Ernie and his sister sizable crowds watching

Hosted by Metro Tennis Club of New York, Inc. at Cunningham Park this weekend, $20 per person for both Saturday and Sunday, with breakfast and lunch. It started late due to the rain.

The breakfast was coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts ..
“We need sugar ..“
Lord, I could count myself eating donuts in one hand.
I grabbed one. Half fed to the bees. Water and bananas or apples are better !!
The lunch – food before balls – was pretty good:
whole roasted pig, string beans, lasagna, noodles, chickens, soup, baked stuff and the famed Filipino Pork Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew).
food tent Dunkin' Donuts any one? roasted who pig lasagna, stringbeans, noodles, chicken ..

The tournament is in memory of the Grand Father of this Filipino family – he started this tournament in 1984, and run every single year! He died 3 years ago, and the sons/daughters are running it now, a great grand daughter is a 15 year old girl ranked #1 in Eastern Section, all 21 members of the family play tennis!

Ernie Santos draws up schedule right before the start. Other times when he had enough players to make a main draw, then the walk ons would play among themselves.

Simon and I enter the mixed doubles. Initially Ernie had 6.0 and 7.0 groups. But not many teams entered: there was only two: another team was a 68 old dad with his daughter who used to play in high school – her eye colors were amazing [contact :)]. We collected a win at 8:2. I was very relaxed. Some player would get match nerves and couldn’t play. Last Sunday Sandy and I played against Mary and DQ. They should have won, easily. But the pressure got to them. Sandy and I took the first set at 6:2, lost the 2nd at 4:6. When we played the super tie break (10 points), we won decisively at 10:5. They missed many easy shots. Especially Mary who has lethal forehand but many had gone out.
I think I like the competition 🙂
The format at the tourney is best of eight games, no ad score and 7 points tiebreak if it’s a tie. We left after lunch. Ernie said firmly that he’ll get more mixed doubles team by tomorrow.
I used to play at the Cunningham Park often just few years ago and knew many Filipinos players. Seeing them again was great.
CIMG7815 CIMG7791 CIMG7772 CIMG7823

Sorry for the lousy pic .. I took them behind the fence .. with my new camera, Exilim EX-S5, my 4th Casio. The last one having just lost the cable (at home .. my loving and supportive family was elated .. for a day) then the lens got stuck: tried to power on the camera the lens extended and then there was a buzzing sound and the camera then turned off and displayed an “Lens Error” message on the LCD – there is quite a bit of information on the Web about this exact problem with other Casio models. I went out bought another Casio. Talking about loyalty and devotion foolishness.

The match (girls in pink and blue) – girls vs boys was great. They were all 4.5 players. The boys prevailed at the end, took the match 7:4 in tiebreak. It was very entertaining and the competition was hot, so were the four players .. ha ha ha ..
The two girls in electric green top played against two ladies we often saw at the park in the past. No one had seen those two girls but it was a great match: Their game wasn’t bad at all, many long rallies. They won 8:4.

It was a well ran tourney. I’m not sure how they do it monetary wise, with 2 days and 4 meals, plus a t-shirt which doesn’t have a single sponsor logo, except adorn by Metro Tennis Club of NY and the Tatang’s Memorial Cup 2009.

the boy scoutsThose boy scouts were all 4.5 players. Some are college students and some are just graduated. They brought lots of excitement and energy.

This tourney has 3.5 mens doubles and open doubles. Other doubles games were enjoyable to watch too.

I saw Cheng, Mr. Handsome whom I haven’t see in ages too – no wonder I’m all wrinkled up :). He captains the 3.5 ladies team. He said that it’s a tradition at the nationals (or girls only?) that you exchange gift with your opponents prior to the match. I pressed him for what kind of gifts is considered appropriated.
“I suggested the free New York condoms.”
“You know, the one you get for free from the medical clinics around city. It has New York on it. .. You won’t get it elsewhere.”
Cool idea: unique and free.
But where are those clinics?
“I have no idea.” He confessed. Probably in the tough neighborhoods.

~ ~ ~ Day two ~ ~ ~

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