The plastic eyes

When contact lenses first came to market, I heard a geologist mentioned that in rural Vietnam the peasants referred it as the ‘plastic eyes’.  Two years ago, I got a pack of colored contacts from an ophthalmologist, they’re still unopened.  The other day, I found two boxes of contacts, god knows when did I got that.  Maybe I’m missing shots on the tennis court left and right is due to my poor eye sight?  For some reason, I just don’t feel like to tempting with the plastic eyes, willing to live in the dark ages, 🙂

But Pumpkin wants it.  So yesterday we visited Dr. Auerbach for the initial contact lenses fitting.  The cost was $350 for just showing her how to put in.  (He isn’t making a cab driver’s wage that’s for sure .. as some drs would complain or joke, musing over the fact of insurances..)  The process is tense for me, aside from my own resistance toward the contracts, he’s rough with her while telling jokes in a volcanic 120 mph fashion.  My heart just cringed.  Be gentle please!!!!  After he managed to shovel the plastic into her eyes, he called in Bernie, a young guy to practice with her.  Bernie is patient, gone over the dos and donts, but let her did every thing herself.  His calm demeanor smoothed me a lot, sure did to her too.  We’ll see how long she’ll stick with it. 

You’ll only know how good a doctor is when there is thing of importance to be done, sickness to be healed, not just rubber stamp your annual check up, :).  Same goes with friends, 泛泛之交不难找. It’s 两肋插刀 or 雪中送炭 is a hard find.

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