The color of skin

The other day, the entire family went to shopping together.  While waiting, one of the salesmen said, “I like the color of your skin.”  He’s black, over 6 foot tall, bit like Al Franken, and gay.  “I am sorry?” I was totally unexpected anything remotely like this.  He repeated it.  With his soft Southern twang, I had to ask one more time before I finally caught on what he’s saying.  My kids would usually come in to rescue me, but they didn’t this time.  I was dumb founded, not knowing how to response – my skin color? Felt bit too close of an encounter.  Then thought my usual joke, salvage that awkward moment by saying “Oh, thanks.  I like yours too. .. I am one third African.”  The whole store broke off laughing, and started to argue about the possibility of 1/3 gene.  They came up with overwhelm conviction that it is possible :).

While we’re on the topic of skin color, I just read about this first-ever tanning salon opened in Beijing.  Is this an indicator that China finally got over the fair skin obsession?  If so, I suspect it would only be a tiny %.  ..   .. Because many dark skinned women (of other ethnics as well) are still using skin-lightening cream, as if the whiter they’re the prettier, even risk their health.
Also my view on Chinese prefer small breasts is dated or only dated in the US – the breast augmentation procedure ranks #1 for Hispanics and #2 for Asian-Americans among minorities.  How much influence did the large breast avatars in games have on this trend?

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