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Last October police in Beijing attempted to enforce rules limiting each household to a single registered animal no taller than 14 in. (35 cm). The drive sparked a rare public demonstration by hundreds of well-heeled Chinese, mostly young dog owners. Within a month, Chinese newspapers reported that President Hu had intervened, ordering the Beijing authorities to back off. It was the first time most Beijingers could remember a public protest drawing a direct intervention by China’s top leader.

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When it is the time to protest, the Chinese do go to the street.  My cousin Xiao Dai has two dogs which are dear to her: home cooking meals, satin couture outfits, beauty pageants when they won a lot of free food, dog food .. ..  She said at one of the competitions, there was a couple liked one of her dogs so much, they chased her around to buy, and eventually uppened their offer to a cool 1 mil.  “No way, they’re like my kids.”  Her son was in college at the time.  The couple won’t give up, forced their business cards into her hand, saying they’ll offer high price for her dog’s offspring, unaware the dog has tied her tube.  Auntie Wang’s daughter has a white puppy that she takes her to nail salon ..

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