New York streets were paved with money

the breakaway oneShopping at the local supermarket’s floral area, I found money on the floor. I picked it up and asked around:
“Anyone lost money?” Waving the bill.
Except some one made comment on the domination of the bill, I didn’t find the owner.
The lady who had conversation with me over the orchard, suggested I should go to the Custom Service.
“I had the same thought.” I replied.
We parted our way.
An elder lady came to me.
“Honey, don’t give it to the cashier. Give them your name and phone #.”
She saw my puzzled face.
“Oh, trust me, honey. I had same experience. Keep it, wait for the call.”
Hmmmm .. bit weary. I though people are decent to begin with.
I waited on line for the customer service, then give her my name and phone.
“Would you please make an announce since I’ll be shopping for at least 15 more minutes here.”
“Oh, honey, I won’t. If I do, half of the shoppers would come to me.”
I raised my eyebrows.
She did hers too.
what's left .. very pretty“But I didn’t give you the amount.” I reminded her.
“It only takes few guesses; and they talk to each other.” She replied softly.
She’s right on guesses for there are only 6 bills: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100.
I felt hurt.
Would people bother to claim things not theirs?
Now, I’m left with the money.
Call me, please, if you lost money. Go to that supermarket and they will give you my info.
A lesson learned?
Not happily.
I thought better of New Yorkers.

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