China has more than 13 million abortions a year

13 million unborn babies were aborted each year, that’s more than the entire population of Norway (4.8 m) and Denmark (5.5 m) combined. That’s some force and presence. Dare the active pro-lifers/abortion hellraisers go there to try their luck? Hey, listen, China Pledges Fewer Death Sentences. Nap, they won’t. It’s more cost efficient, a.k.a. easier to commit crime in the USA when the punishment is much lighter.

Abortions in China cost about 600 yuan, or $88, China Daily reported.

Some family planning advocates have found it difficult to promote sex education in schools because some teachers and parents believe it will encourage sex activity.

Sun Aijun, a gynecologist at Beijing Union Hospital, said many unmarried couples use condoms, but added that some women find it difficult to turn down a partner’s request not to use them.

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