We got shanghaied – the fake baby blues

Oh lord, when will China stop it, from bandit phones shanzhai ji 山寨机 to handbags, software programs to fake virgin, to Tiffany?

CIMG6815 A family member gave Pumpkin a pair of earrings.
She doesn’t want them.
Sounded like a spoiled unappreciative brat?
The earrings are knock off, heavy and ugly. She asked me because it’s a family business, I reckon.

The replicaters, counterfeiters, imitators or the fakers are upending their game: the earrings came with similar colored box and the rings are engraved with

TIFFANY & CO. © Elsa Peretti 925

Wow, they do go that extra mile than ever before.
Only Tiffany & Co doesn’t engrave their jewelry. They provide engraving service for the clients who wishes to initial or date the piece they purchased. One look at the box you’ll know it’s a lousy knock off: the characters are coarse and too bold and the color is off, looked old.

CIMG6802Tiffany and Co.’s 16 retail stores that devoted exclusively to pearls and pearl jewelry will be shuttered by the end of 2009 since they only count 1% on the balance sheet. But even during recession, Tiffany store is always busy. So people do know good stuff from bad and treasure it.
Not sure using knock offs is how those people live in Asia. A girl friend told me that the fakers even have the original glossy catalogues (of the brand) for you to choose when you go to shopping in Shanghai. No money to buy? Use cheaper brand that you can afford. I really pity those who use knock offs. They must live in despair and are depressed. Seeing all nice stuff but have to settle with the knock offs. Some envious life to live.
What do the churches do when they come to collect stuffs? Will some one in the third world or fifth world actually be wearing this pair of earrings? They are, after all, products.
CIMG6796 CIMG6804

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