Food, Inc

One night about 12 or 13 years ago Joseph Connelly came to dine.
Joe’s Gofer’s college buddy, and the publisher of the wildly popular magazine VegNews. When I first met him, he was a halfway vegetarian, still eating limited human friendly food, like creatures from the sea and land. This time around, he was completely a vegan, who doesn’t use or consume animal products of any kind.
So I couldn’t entertain him with my shrimps and eggs :(.
I discussed the dinner menu with the maid carefully: bean curds, vegetables and rice.
When the dinner bell rung, my kids ran down from their rooms to the table enthusiastically and chanting
“Meat, meat, meat.”
I was wildly surprised, and amused.
For one, they never picked on their food or demanded one kind over the other.
Then where was this meat stuff came from?
Did they over heard my conversation with the maid, in Chinese?
We all just laughed.

Anyway, Joe’s magazine has been doing well, evolved from a few pages flyers in the 90s to a full-fledged magazine in 2000. He relaunched in later 2008, and has won three awards for it this year. Look it up in the book stores near you. I need to: I’m running out of ideas for meals.

Lisa and family went to see this documentary movie Food, Inc last weekend. I probably would go to see it too. After all, we’re what we eat.
I don’t question where my foods come from and how they come from. A big mistake? Hmmmmm … yes and no. Sometimes, no knowing is a blessing.

Watching Ed sautees the vegies the other day. He does it differently from me: he puts the onions to the fryer first, stir it for a moment then add oil. I always put oil first.

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  1. Haha I love the kidlets’ response–great enthusiasm! And thanks for both the Joe and the VegNews shout-outs! I’m an editorial assistant here for the summer and adore both very, very much! If you need some recipe ideas, our website ( is also a great source for that! We also recently acquired, which has more vegan recipes than you’ll ever need. But those will work to tide you over until the next issue comes out 🙂

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