An Abortion Battle, Fought to the Death

The killing of an abortion doctor George R. Tiller outraged me, to say the least.

Long before I set foot on America, I once heard this advice from an Aunt who lives in San Francisco to my cousin in Hong Kong who’s coming to US for schooling:
“Learn Spanish.”
I thought my ears were malfunctioning at that moment.
Please forgive me, I was young, ignorant and had no interests whatsoever about this Beautiful Country.
Then years later soon after I landed here, I was surprised to find out why. .. .. then shocked by another fact that how religious this free world really is.
Religions, in the most cases are synonymous with frugal and suffering.
The freewheeling capitalists certainly don’t fit into that picture.
Something doesn’t add up here.
Not long I found out that abortion plays very prominent roll in this country’s politics.
How would or could capitalists put up with such non-sense?
Abortion is every woman’s right. This private matter should resolve in the bedroom.
But it belongs to the living room in the USA.
Things defiantly don’t add up here.
.. ..

Americans place very high value on a human’s life and they don’t believe in death penalty. But they are ok with lunatics killing the abortion doctors.
Things are very wrong here.
I have long discovered that New Yorkers are difference from the rest of the country. Some part of the country might not even be recognizable as USA, the sane and capitalism free world.
How and why would the government allow the protest going on for so long and not protecting Dr. Tiller?

I took some time with the comments after reading this long article on the Times. It seems to me that almost every one is siding with Dr. Tiller who got murdered.
One of the comments I liked:

Physicians senior enough have seen the time before Roe VS Wade.
what do these proloife people want? courthanger abortions? Do they even care about human life? Hanging on to some ideology and promoting murders in the name of whatever they believe is not a convincing reason.
I would advise them to read ” FREAKANOMICS” [Freakonomics]

Money talks.

I couldn’t agree more with Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner who wrote The Freakonomics. They talked about unwanted or teen pregnancies and the abortion. Also asked why most drug dealers are still living with their mamas. No wonder the book, as of 2008 has sold over 3 million copies. Elected officials, not religions, govern this country. The politicians need to stop playing politics and do some real work.

Yet Dr. McHugh’s description of the files left out crucial bits of context. He failed to mention, for example, that one patient was a 10-year-old girl, 28 weeks pregnant, who had been raped by an adult relative. Asked about this omission by The New York Times, Dr. McHugh said that while the girl’s case was “terrible,” it did not change his assessment: “She did not have something irreversible that abortion could correct.”

I’m wondering if this Dr. McHugh has a daughter who’s 10 years old? .. ..

The title isn’t exactly right. The abortion issue has both sides, and most often, it’s the pro–choice group suffers causality, as in this case.

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