What’s wrong with the Japs?

Reportedly those print dresses/skirts are all the rage in Japan.
I’m dumbfounded.
But again, what can I say, it’s Japs.
Go figure.

Reportedly, love in 2-D, with Nemutan.. is also a Phenomenon

Pick up a book, or sport, or participate in a worthy cause, volunteer in your community.
I dont have enough time in a day, to moan or wonder about loneliness

It’s long standing fact that the Japanese men are extra pervert (the Filipino women are sex crazy babes). They have love hotels, which are legendary. They line the bars’ floor with mirrors and the young cocktail waitress wore no undies, not even c-strings
So barbaric.
It’s not like Irene always puts the neighbor down. They asked for it. Freedom of expression? Artistic innovation? Pardon me.

Thought the Jap emperor wanted to use the money they extorted from Li Hongzhang for education.
Guess their education is slightly different from yours and mine.

Have to admit, pretty good-looking butts. Bow legged Jap girls now have some thing to brag about?


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