Need a date?

There are 7 or 8 million people in New York, yet finding a date seems impossible.
To meet the needs of singles, there are speed dating, It’s just lunch, JDate for particular race, .. .. the whole nine yard.

Helen Hong, a television producer and stand-up comedian of indeterminate age — “I could tell you 27, but I’d be lying” — had given a fair share of those services a shot and gotten pretty much nowhere. So she decided that the business, saturated though it might be, could benefit from yet more innovation. Here’s what she came up with: speed matchmaking.
.. ..
Raised on the East Coast, Ms. Hong spent enough time in South Korea to be familiar with a phenomenon called “booking,” in which men at a nightclub heavily tip a waiter to physically drag a young woman they’ve noticed over to their table. “It’s barbaric,” Ms. Hong said. “And of course the women have to look like they’re really protesting or else they look like a slut.” But she understood the basic motivation: “In most East Asian cultures, you can’t meet someone new unless you’re introduced by a third party.” 

So that’s us ,the introvert Asian, or pompous?

Maybe being little real and honest in terms of finding a date, soul mate or life long partner?
Or just timing isn’t right? Your fate and luck hasn’t aligned.

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