Why are they still so insecure?

As I was driving Pumpkin to camp, we heard the news on the radio that a Harvard professor got arrested in his own home.
He came back from a trip, couldn’t open his door. So he broke into his own house.
One of his neighbors called 911 to report a break in.
Soon the cops arrived.
The prominent scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested.
He’s black.

My first thought was: Prof Gates must have overreacted to prompt the arrest.

Think about it: IF I were in his shoes, when the police came, I would have done what they asked of me.
I have nothing to hide, am not bitter nor angry.
End of the matter, wouldn’t you agree?

Soon I heard the current half white president of America saying the police officer “acted stupidly”.

My first instinct was, wow, that’s an overly strong word.

Knee jerk reaction.

Didn’t Obama take his sweet time to learn all the facts about the bankers’ bonuses before he chastised it? Then why didn’t he do the same with the Harvard professor? Do the bonding of Alma Mater or alumni makes one forget his more important duty, like running his country? Obama has always given me this cool head impression. So he’s only cool when it’s colorless?

Then I heard the arresting officer James Crowley on the radio. He’s calm and articulate. Very credible … that made the professor and the president looking bad. Real bad.

Soon Barack apologized; called the police officer. They might end up sharing a beer at the White House. Whatever.

I, or the Americans or maybe the entire world is waiting – not wishing him ill, but anxiously to see how President Half Black handles the color issue.
He isn’t so cool after all.

.. ..
Forty years later, America is being led, to a striking extent, by a new elite, a cohort of the best and the brightest whose advancement was formed, at least in part, by affirmative action policies. From Barack and Michelle Obama (Columbia, Princeton, Harvard) to Eric Holder (Columbia) to Sonia Sotomayor (Princeton, Yale) to Valerie Jarrett (Michigan, Stanford), the country is now seeing, in full flower, the fruition of this wooing of minorities to institutions that for much of the nation’s history have groomed America’s leaders.

.. ..
My [Helene Cooper] first roommate was a white student from Seagrove, N.C., whose SAT scores and grade-point average were higher than mine. Privately, I consoled myself that I had qualifications that she didn’t: I could name the capital of every country in Africa; countries she had never heard of. I knew where the Zambezi River emptied into the Indian Ocean. None of that had been on the SAT.
.. ..

I don’t understand. They got free ride from the affirmative action, they’re the new elite, yet why are those free riders still feeling so insecure?

It must be the genes?

Harvard or Yale could change your outlook, and boost your resume, but they could not change one’s genes.

True that not every free rider gets elected to live in the White House. It’s the particular individual’s merit plus the free ride.

I’m going to take a picture of myself, print multiple copies and pass them around to my neighbors. So they won’t … Hmmmmm … I don’t understand: Gates’ neighbor didn’t recognize him? How could that happen?

For someone as accomplished as Professor Gates, wouldn’t this scene be more likely to occure:

He came back from a trip, couldn’t open his door. So he broke into his own house.
One of his neighbors called 911 to report a break in.
Soon the policy arrived.
The homeowner politely greets the policeman or men (males or females), does what was asked.

I bet they’ll share a good laugh, and a firm handshake at the end. The young police officer might even salute the older professor.

Inferior runs deep in the genes?

Identity crisis is just a pretend for one seeking an excuse, an easy way out.

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