Full Month Party 满月酒

Manyue jiu, or Red Egg (and Ginger) Party for the new born is a celebration Chinese dotted on their children at 100 days mark, well, in lieu of bat or bar mitzvahs, or Sweet 16, etc.  We had it for King in a seafood restaurant and Pumpkin’s at Grandma’s.  Don’t accuse me of 重男轻女, the though of son is more important than daughter – it’s the fact that people (mostly the older ones) were just more enthusiastic with the first born.  We did go to a restaurant with Pump, but the party was held at Grandma’s house.
Anyway, after the party with King, I was so tired when I woke up the following morning, suddenly realized I hadn’t feed nor changed his diaper.  … holy smoke … I ran into his room.  Thank lord he was still sleeping!  From that day on, he started to sleep thro the night.  Pump slept thro the night also after a month.  My poor kids perhaps knew I didn’t have the help of my Mom so they all opted to sleep thro the night right away.

Elaine‘s grandson Wynn

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