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Qin Shihuang and his books and scholars 秦始皇焚书坑儒

Turning on tv tonight, Smithsonian channel is showing China’s Dragon Emperor, which claims books/scholars burning never happened 秦始皇焚书坑儒没有发生 and he wasn’t a terrible emperor as we had taught/believed. The tv show gives credit to him as  who had unified China and language. … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day – common daisy

The cut flowers are definitely last longer now.  They used to come with a pack of power that you put into the vase, mixing in the water to fertilize. But now the pack has all but disappeared and the flowers … Continue reading

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Carnation 康乃馨

For a while I liked this kind of flower very much. Buying nothing but carnation. But then for reason unclear, I moved on, finding elegance and beauty in orchid, Tulips, and calla lily. Sometimes, I’d recall an encounter that involved … Continue reading

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The red wine of the moment

Daily Mail gossips on the $22 wine Mnuchin brought Jared Kushner: a taste for budget booze! Steve Mnuchin dresses down to visit Jared Kushner and takes along a $22 bottle of wine – despite being worth $300 million. Well, actually, the … Continue reading

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