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On sale the Chinese way – the bbq sauce

As an after thought I picked up a large can (26 oz) of B. H. Bullhead Barbecue Sauce, which cost $7.99 during my grocery shopping at J Mart in Flushing. Before I hit the cashier I saw this Special display that the … Continue reading

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Unequal treaty 不平等条约

I grew up with the term “unequal treaty” of the Qing dynasty. Learned from schools and read from books. But as I’m getting older, I begin to question it. Crying baby. Loser. Sour grape came to mind. And wondering: 1. … Continue reading

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Kale has been in vogue for a while. Tuesday I’ve lunch at Italian restaurant Felice on Wall Street. It served up baby kale – less chewy than the mama kale. It’s first time I see the baby kale in my local supermarket. The … Continue reading

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Sewol; Titanic; Sullenberger; subpar

Almost three years to the date, the South Korean ship Sewol sunk. Passengers were mostly a secondary school kids and they called and sent text messages to their parents and loved ones. I watched the news with my heart bleeding: how … Continue reading

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