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Is this for real? Really??? Trader’s mistake? Confused with Singapore $? One US dollar is worth more than 7 yuan – RMB. Oh my.  Howeverm Yahoo has at ¥6.878 and Bloomberg at 6.8815.     正在睡梦中,忽然觉得有点儿什么事儿,一屁股坐起来发现人民币一夜之间暴跌,心中如有晴天霹雳,有件事儿让我久久不能平静,我一直在想,人民币一夜狂贬值,我的资产会不会缩水呢,想到这里我一个咕噜从床上翻起来,抓起放在桌上的一美金纸币,迅速的跑去银行排队,一夜暴富的机会终于来到了,我终于可以吃上一粒梦寐以求的茶叶蛋了…… 是不是交易员大乌龙 和新加坡元搞混了?

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Poke …

FaceBook has a feature or used to: poke. People poke each other for fun, for a little attention, to say hello. The media is going wild over Trump talking a call from Taiwan. Pls, people, get real. He’s NOT a … Continue reading

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