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See, debate … and buy

    Went to shopping and … see these orchids. They’re just drop dead gorgeous, I could never get enough of orchids. I debated. Took a few pictures. Debated. Then bought this plainest one. 2016, the 2nd time 2018, the third … Continue reading

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Chinese City Defends Dog Meat Festival, Despite Scorn

I don’t eat dogs, but appalled by the finger pointing at people who do eat. What’s the difference between eating dogs and other animals? Many Chinese find eating cow horrifying because agrarian society such as China depends on cows to … Continue reading

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We the juror II

Been there in 2011 Not much has changed at the county supreme court since. First pix is the old court house. Pix 2-4 the current one and its lobby. Parking lot 14 is for the jurors. The jury questionnaire . … Continue reading

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Chinese foot binding: so wrong

The Guardian reports on the Chinese foot binding yesterday: The last women in China with bound feet: ‘They thought it would give them a better life’ During a chance encounter in the cab in Shanghai, the photographer Jo Farrell began … Continue reading

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A dill dip

This dip is delicious! 1 part mayo 3 part Greek yogurt a handful dill dash of lemon juice dash of rice vinegar dash of olive oil dash of pepper I also add garlic and cucumber.

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Sneakers with gold wings

FiFa is in the news lately, corruption and FBIs, very intrigue. The two pictures below, left is from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: FIFA II (HBO) youtube here and right is from a sneaker shop at 812 Broadway in downtown NYC, … Continue reading

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