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sanziji – Three Character Classic 文革初,世道变,斗争近,文化远。 批海瑞,评罢官。继而之,三家店。 讨邓拓,倒吴晗。清华附,走在前。 红卫兵,马当先。首发起,圆明园。 写三论,谈接班。毛主席,写复函。 曰马列,千千万。归一句,是造反。 如醍醐,当头灌。应声起,青少年。 爹英雄,儿好汉。破四旧,摘牌匾。 大学生,搞夺权。大字报,贴校园。 闹停课,搞串连。天安门,等接见。 中小学,校门关。无所事,到处钻。 看武斗,抢传单。新北大,井冈山。 攻大楼,断水电。挖地道,土炸弹。 楼上扔,暖气片。挨了砸,抱头窜。 进清华,瞧新鲜。推校门,烧会馆。 王光美,台上站。乒乓球,当项链。 一折腾,近两年。工宣队,来接管。 临发配,傻了眼。这才知,被人涮。 六九届,老高三。青春期,不得闲。 没学上,自己玩。热带鱼,称神仙。 黑玛丽,红蓝剑。养鸽子,挥竹竿。 琉璃瓦,庙顶掀。半导体,自己攒。 二极管,单双联。自己焊,线路板。 矿石机,最简单。八个管,是牡丹。 外国歌,两百篇。赶时髦,听唱片。 莫斯科,郊外晚。山茶树,把我盼。 飞军帽,练贼胆。拍婆子,更抢眼。 学喝酒,练抽烟。过滤嘴,吐烟圈。 传复课,回校园。闹革命,很简单。 天天读,大批判。政治课,老三篇。 前门进,后门颠。遛天桥,逛西单。 眨眼到,六九年。红卫兵,使命完。 老人家,掀巨澜。说农村,天地宽。 让下乡,让上山。全社会,总动员。 凭热情,不用劝。报了名,户口迁。 … Continue reading

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Traveling While Arab

Alaa Al Aswany encounters problem traveling because he’s an Arab. My comment: Maybe Mr Aswany should write a best seller demonstrate to the bad Muslims how the good Muslims are suffering for their deed? His mentioning of Abu Ghraib prison, … Continue reading

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Chanel No 5: The One That I Want

Le Film du Film starring Gisele Bündchen and the Dutch Michael Huisman, production designer Catherine Martin, directed Baz Luhrmann (wife Catherine Martin since 1997). The location is Montauk and NYC. Another reason I like Gisele is Eli Manning’s two Super … Continue reading

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Just answer my question, please

Snapfish binds the photo books for you, among other services. I wondered what would happened to my books should they going out of business. First time, the agent just quit, gone. The second agent did not answer the first time, … Continue reading

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How to unlock an AT & T iPhone, step by step

send in your request to USA users here click agree at the page end fill the form: you need IMEI 15 digit number (Settings/General/About) you’ll be given a 9-digit number assigned to this request getting an email from AT & T … Continue reading

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Unkronen, by Laura Hillenbrand (who’s re-writing this book for kids) A wonderful subject, and a book. USA doesn’t really teach asian history, so the pacific war isn’t well known. How could humans do such thing to other humans? I dispose … Continue reading

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