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Have you donate your blood this month yet?

I went to do a routine blood test (nowadays even the rubber band that ties up your arm is disposable!) and struck up a short conversation with the technician who said donate blood is, actually good for your health because … Continue reading

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He said, she said

Sister Ping’s death is reported by World Journal under the title 移民造英雄-慷慨義氣-萍姐留傳奇.  I checked on the NY Times, by 11am, there is nothing. More on Chinese smuggling. Wikipedia The Snakehead, New York, 2006-04-24 The criminal odyssey of Chinatown’s Sister Ping CBS … Continue reading

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The leaves that close in the night

The little shy plant that survived for so long and grew so much …. is died after I overwatered it.  

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Becoming a Christian 基督徒

The 45th Baptismal Service of CCGN is held this afternoon. A friend of mine’s one of the 12 converts – they range from age 11 to 51 (the program). A friend decided to take the plug. Reportedly she can still … Continue reading

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